Storm Damage Mitigation


In response to the recent severe storms and associated damages due to mudslides, wind gusts, flooding, fallen trees, and the anticipation of additional similar issues, the Interim Town Manager, acting in his role as the Town’s Director of Emergency Services, declared the Existence of a Local Emergency on January 4, 2023. As required by law, the Town Council ratified this decision at their regular meeting on January 11, 2023. The purpose of such a declaration is twofold:  1) to allow the Town to secure emergency services and goods as may be required during and after the storm events to protect life and property without having to go through the normal bidding process, and 2) to make the Town eligible for potential federal emergency funding to address emergency related costs should these funds become available.

Public Notice: PW 928, GM 735430, Hacienda de Las Flores Park Fence

The Town has applied for FEMA storm damage support funding to pay for the storm damage emergency clean-up efforts and repairs. The Town is required to provide public notifications regarding the FEMA approval process, please see links below for additional information.