Lamorinda Action Plan Update 2022

DRAFT Lamorinda Action Plan - 3-13-2023

2017 Lamorinda Action Plan Final Amended June 2021

2017 Lamorinda Action Plan Final

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is Contra Costa’s designated Congestion Management Agency (CMA) and the regional transportation planning body for Contra Costa County, responsible for planning and delivering a wide range of projects and programs that meet the County’s regional transportation goals and objectives. As part of this role, CCTA is responsible for delivering the Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP), which provides the overall direction for achieving and maintaining a functional and balanced transportation system within the County while strengthening the links between transportation and land use.

Additionally, CCTA is responsible for delivering the five subregional Action Plans, one for each subarea of Contra Costa County, to meet compliance with the voter-approved Measure J Transportation and Growth Management Program.  This is included under the requirement to “Participate in an Ongoing, Cooperative, Multi-jurisdictional Planning Process.” Upon adoption, CCTA will include the adopted Action Plans into the CTP.

An updated and separate Action Plan is being prepared for each of the five subregions in Contra Costa County, including the Lamorinda region. The Lamorinda subregion includes the incorporated jurisdictions of Lafayette, Orinda, and Moraga, as well as the unincorporated portions of southwestern Contra Costa County.

As part of the development of the Action Plan, the Regional Transportation Planning Committee (RTPC) works cooperatively to establish overall goals, identify Routes of Regional Significance (RRS), create a set of performance measures called Regional Transportation Objectives (RTOs), and establish a set of actions that will support the achievement of the RTOs.

 The Action Plan represents a work program for a range of bodies, including the City of Lafayette, the Town of Moraga, the City of Orinda, the Lamorinda Program Management Committee (LPMC), CCTA, Caltrans, BART, and others.  The intent of the work plan is to meet the goals and RTOs. 

To date, the Plan has been prepared with input from a wide range of stakeholders, including LPMC staff and Board, CCTA, the Southwest Area Transportation Committee (SWAT), and members of the public as part of a multi-year public engagement process. 

There will be multiple opportunities for you to learn about the Plan and provide input, including:

  • Lafayette Transportation & Circulation Commission meeting (November 2) 
  • the Moraga Farmer’s Market (November 6), 
  • the Orinda Farmer’s Market (November 12), and 
  • a virtual (online) virtual workshop hosted by CCTA (November 17). 

To confirm these tentative dates, as well as for more information, refer to the CCTA’s Countywide Transportation Plan website.

Review the Draft Lamorinda Action Plan - October 2022