Town Of Moraga

Contra Costa Health Officer Extends the Shelter-in-Place Order Through May 3, 2020
On March 31, 2020, the Contra Costa County Health Officer issued Order No. HO-COVID-19-03 directing all Contra Costa residents to continue sheltering at their place of residence except for essential needs; requiring essential businesses to implement social distancing protocols; clarifying and further limiting (click title for full story)
Town Council Ratifies the Declaration of a Local Emergency
On March 17, 2020 the Town's Director of Emergency Services (Town Manager) proclaimed the existence or threatened existence of a local emergency. Consistent with the requirement to ratify the proclamation within seven days, the Town Council ratified the proclamation declaring a local emergency in the Town of Moraga relating to COVID-19. (click title for full story)
Town of Moraga Public Buildings Are Closed - March 20, 2020
Town of Moraga’s Public Buildings are closed through April 7, 2020, to meet the Contra Costa County Health Department’s shelter in place order. These closures affect City facilities at Town Office (329 Rheem Boulevard), the Hacienda de las Flores (2100 Donald Drive), and the Corporation Yard (335 Rheem Boulevard). Essential services, such as Town administration, police, and public works remain functioning. (click title for full story)
Parks & Recreation Department COVID-19 Closures / Cancellations - Updated March 31, 2020
The parks in Moraga remain open, but due to the unprecedented use (possibility exacerbated by the closure of parks in neighboring jurisdictions) and continued violations of the health order to maintain physical distance, the park parking lots will be closed beginning Friday, March 27. (click title for full story)
Canyon Road Bridge Replacement Cost Update
Town Council received an update on the Canyon Road Bridge Replacement project budget. The estimated project budget is $11,645,000 including engineering, project management, construction and rental costs for the temporary bridge. The Highway Bridge Program grant is $8,780,000 or 88.53%. The Town’s match is $1,136,750 or 11.47% recommended to be appropriated from CCTA Measure J transportation funding. The construction of the bridge is tentatively scheduled to begin April 20, 2020. (click title for full story)
Town Council Approves Annual Assessment For Drainage Maintenance
A portion of Moraga’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System compliance activities are funded by a countywide Stormwater Utility Area assessment. Annually the Town Council must determine the Equivalent Runoff Unit (ERU) rate, the basic unit by which a storm sewer charge is calculated and is based upon the typical runoff volume of stormwater (click title for full story)
Planning Department Update
Planning Department staff remains available to answer general planning and zoning inquiries and process applications that were already submitted prior to the March 16 emergency shutdown, but at this time Planning is only accepting new application submittals through the mail or delivery by FedEx, UPS, etc. (click title for full story)
Hauling Permit for PG&E's St. Mary's Pipeline Project
Town Council adopted a resolution to ratify a hauling permit for PG&E’s St. Mary’s Pipeline Project on St. Mary’s Road near Bollinger Canyon Road to the City of Lafayette’s city limit to off-haul approximately 675 cubic yards of soil. PG&E is completing (click title for full story)
Grand Jury Requests Agencies Report on Trash Reduction Efforts
The San Francisco Water Quality Control Board (Water Quality Board) determined that trash is a pervasive problem near and in local creeks, rivers, and the SF Bay. The Water Quality Board’s Stormwater Permit required that local agencies reduce trash load by 80% by 2019. The Town of Moraga achieved 95% trash reduction and has surpassed that mark. (click title for full story)
Report of Vendors/Consultants
A report including a list of all vendors to whom the Town paid more than $15,000 per year during the past three fiscal years was provided to the Town Council. Information on the vendors (including a description of the services rendered, the amount paid per year, and the date a Request for Proposals was completed for the work) was also included. (click title for full story)
Purchase of Two New Vehicles
Town Council authorized the purchase of two priority vehicles to replace vehicles in the Town fleet that have reached the end of their service life. The Parks and Recreation passenger van used by the department to transport seniors and children and a Public Works truck will both be replaced at a total cost of $81,922. (click title for full story)
Keeping Informed During Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Town staff continues to monitor and work to stop the spread of COVID-19. Everyone can do their part and protect themselves and neighbors by washing your hands, staying home when sick, avoiding touching your face, covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing and cleaning frequently touched surfaces. We all need to (click title for full story)