2022 Pavement Rehabilitation Project

  • Advisory: Moraga Street Resurfacing Project Continues this week, Wednesday, June 28, 2023

The street resurfacing project will be continuing today and tomorrow.  This is the second phase of the project and involves the application of microsurfacing materials on the roadway, which requires about 2 hours to dry.  Expect delays and road/lane closures on the following roadway segments. 

  • Via Granada – Quintas Lane to Corte del Sol
  • Campolindo Drive – Corte Mateo to Corte de Rosas
  • Viader Drive - Country Club to Moraga Way
  • Devin Drive – Moraga Road to EL Paraiso Ct
  • Kimberley Drive – Scofield Drive to end
  • Rheem Blvd - Scofield Drive to 335 Rheem Blvd
  • Donald Drive – 1762 Donald Drive to 2016 Donald Drive
  • Fernwood Drive - Belfair Place to Willow Springs Lane 


  • Fernwood Drive – Belfair Place to Willow Springs Lane
  • Lynwood Place - Corliss to Greenfield
  • Camino Ricardo - Corliss to Greenfield
  • Camino Ricardo - Moraga Way to Hardie Drive
  • Camino Pablo - 1850 Camino Pablo to 2101 Camino Pablo

If more time is needed, some streets may be delayed until Friday.

 Thank you for your patience.  Please always drive safely and slowly, but especially in the construction zones.


*****Rubberized Chip Seal Schedule changes. Chip sealing of streets not completed as previously scheduled will be added to the following day's work schedule. An additional chip sealing day on Thursday, June 23, 2023 may be added, if necessary to complete all project streets.

All planned streets to recieved rubberized chip seal have been completed. The contractor is working today (Friday, June 23, 2023) on touch up areas of the completed rubberized chip sealing and continuing the sweeping up of loose rock in preparation for next phase to seal the new pavement surfacing with a top layer of Microsurfacing Seal. Microsurfacing sealing is tentatively planned to start Wednesday, June 28, 2023. Please check this project site for updates; No Parking and Informational Flyers posted on barricades; and the notice links below.

For a copy of the Rubberized Chip Seal and Microsurfacing Seal Notice mailed to residents along the work area, please see the Construction Notice.

For information about current construction activities, please see the Project Construction Weekly Update.

For information about three week look ahead for construction activities, please see the Construction Three Week Look Ahead Schedule.

Please click on following link for a special Project Update newsletter and video of milling and pavement overlay construction on Shuey Drive. Here is a separate Shuey Drive construction video link.

Primary Project Contact

If you have any questions about the project, for the primary project contact our Construction Manager contact information is below:

Sunny Jhutti, Consultant Construction Manager

Cell Phone: (415) 246-4920

email: sunny@substrateinc.com

Construction activities are subject to change for various reasons. Please check website for updates.

Project Update: Tentative Rubberized Chip Seal and Microsurfacing Seal Schedules* starting Monday, June 19, 2023

*Subject to change without notice, see project website for updates and barricade postings

The Town thanks you for your patience with this very important pavement rehabilitation project.

Rubberize Chip Seal starting on Monday (June 19, 2023) & Microsurfacing Seal on Wednesday (June 28, 2023)*



Campolindo Dr

Corte Mateo


Corte de Rosas

Via Granada

Quintas Ln


Corte de Sol

Rheem Blvd

Scofield Dr


335 Rheem Blvd

Kimberley Dr

Scofield Dr



Donald Dr

1762 Donald Dr


2016 Donald Dr

Devin Dr

EL Paraiso Ct


Moraga Rd

Fernwood Dr

197 Fernwood Dr


Birchwood Dr

Rubberized Chip Seal starting on Tuesday (June 20, 2023) & Microsurfacing Seal on Thursday (June 29, 2023)*



Fernwood Dr

Belfair Pl


Willow Springs Ln

Lynwood Pl

Corliss Dr


Greenfield Dr

Camino Ricardo

Corliss Dr


Greenfield Dr

Camino Ricardo

Moraga Way


Hardie Dr

Viader Dr

Country Club Dr


Moraga Way

Camino Pablo

1850 Camino Pablo


2101 Camino Pablo

The roadway resurfacing portion of the project is scheduled for Rubberized Chip Seal from June 19, 2023 to June 20, 2023. Following the placement of the Rubberized Chip Seal will be the final placement of Microsurfacing Seal. Please see the link to the tentative Resurfacing schedule for both seals. As mentioned above, the schedule is subjected to changes. Please refer to this Project Website for updates.

The town-hired contractor will perform the entire two-step process. If you live in an affected area, you should receive a construction notice prior to work.

Work hours are typically expected to be from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, though some variations in this schedule may occur. We appreciate your patience during this important road resurfacing work.

Street parking will be prohibited at posted times. Please look for “No Parking” signs posted on barricades with specific days and hours of restricted parking. It is critical that no cars remain parked on the streets in these posted areas during the indicated times as they may be towed. There will be traffic and pedestrian handling procedures put in place to minimize any inconveniences that may be caused by construction; however, we recommend taking alternate routes where possible and finding parking on adjacent streets to avoid significant delays. Emergency access will always be provided.

When traveling to and from home during construction: Please observe lane and street closures and posted speed limit signs and signs indicating delays during each phase of construction.

We request that you park your vehicles off the street when noticed to avoid oil spray and allow us to treat and clean the entire pavement surface. It is recommended that if you need to leave your house for any reason during work scheduled on your street, park your car(s) on a side street or a street not scheduled for paving work.

Note that garbage pickup will continue on your regular scheduled day. Please put your containers out the night before as usual. All postal services will continue as normal. On the days when surface treatment will be performed on your street, make sure to keep your sprinkler system off to prevent any delays. Additional notifications will be distributed prior to major operations detailing the impacts on your street.

We wish to call to your attention the following precautions to help us perform a better job and protect you, your family, and your property.

Please help by following these precautions:

 Keep your children and pets away from the street while we are doing these treatments. Several large pieces of equipment are involved.

  • Please Drive Slowly: the new cape seal treatments can be slippery because of the loose rock prior to removal. Do not drive on the treatments until the lanes are reopened to traffic. Obey posted "Loose Gravel" and "15MPH" signs.
  • Warn your children to be careful while riding their bicycles. It would be preferable if they refrained from riding altogether until the loose rock is swept up.
  • Continue to park your car(s) off the road or cover vehicles as necessary until the initial sweeping is completed.
  • Check your shoes before walking into your house. The loose rocks can be picked up and tracked onto carpets or scratch wood floors.
  • Respect Construction Areas and Workers: Do not drive on the treatments or cross over closed lanes to access or exit your driveway. This will result in damage to your car.
  • Ensure your sprinklers are turned off during the times the chip seal and the microsurfacing seal treatments are being placed.

2022 - 2024 Pavement Rehabilitation Project Background

Project Team:

Project ManagerShawn Knapp, Town of Moraga, (925) 888-7027

Engineering Designer, Harris and Associates, Kourosh Iranpour, Project Manager (925) 969-8013

Resident Engineer Project Inspector, Substrate, Sunny Jhutti, PE, SE (415) 246-4920

Contractor, DeSilva Gates Construction, Alex Huntsinger, (925) 404-4256

In May 2020, the Town Council adopted a "Worst-First" pavement repair approach, prioritizing streets designated as being "Very Poor" (a Pavement Condition Index, or PCI, range of 0-25) and "Poor" (a PCI ranging from 26-50) pavement condition.  A Town Council Goal for 2022 is to implement the 2021 Pavement Management Program, including the design for the 2022-2024 "Worst First" Pavement Rehabilitation Project and the Annual Pavement Repair Project.  

The scope of the 2022-2024 Pavement Rehabilitation Projects aims to rehabilitate residential and collector streets with a PCI of 50 or less in 2024.  Project scopes will include pavement rehabilitation, storm repairs, limited curb, and gutter repairs, and installing/upgrading substandard curb ramps. The Town Council awarded the design contract to Harris and Associates on October 27, 2021.   

On August 4, 2022, the Town awarded DeSilva Gates Construction (Dublin, CA) a construction contract for the 2022 Pavement Rehabilitation Project (CIP 22-401). The 2022 Pavement Rehabilitation Project started construction this Fall of 2022.  For more information on what to expect, please see the Pavement Management Program FAQ sheet below. DeSilva Gates Construction's general construction schedule, not adjusted for weather delays and other factors to be as follows:

Construction Improvements

Start Date

End Date

Concrete (ADA Ramps, SW, C & G, Cross Drains)

November 2, 2022

December 5, 2022

Storm Drain Repairs and Replacements

November 14, 2022

December 14, 2022

Storm Drain Pipe Lining

November 22, 2022

December 12, 2022

Winter Break

December 15, 2022

April 30, 2023

Asphalt Pavement Repairs – Cape Seal Streets

May 1, 2023

May 12, 2023

Milling (removal) Old Pavement Surfaces

May 1, 2023 

May 12, 2023

Asphalt Pavement Repairs – Pavement Overlay Streets

May 8, 2023

May 12, 2023

Asphalt Overlay Paving

May 15, 2023

May 30, 2023

Traffic Loop Replacement

May 15, 2023

May 15, 2023

Crack Sealing and Cape Sealing

May 31, 2023

July 7, 2023

Raise Utility Manhole and Valve Covers to Grade

July 10, 2023

August 17, 2023

Traffic Striping and Sign Installation

July 10, 2023

August 10, 2023

The above schedule is subject to change without notice. The schedule does not account for delays for additional work, weather, equipment breakdowns, utility conflicts, and other issues. For a more detailed schedule, including work locations, please see the 3-week look ahead schedule posted below.

2022 Pavement Rehabilitation Project

The design street list for the 2022 Pavement Rehabilitation project is below.  These streets were chosen based on their PCI as well as preliminary field investigation.  Treatments will vary from microsurfacing, cape seal, and overlay.  The streets listed in the table below is subject to change during design due to underground conflicts, budgets, construction bid proposal, etc.  The final list will be made available when the Town Council awards the construction contract.  

Camino Pablo215' south of Tharp DrivePrivate Road
Camino RicardoMoraga WayGreenfield Drive
Campolindo CourtCampolindo DriveNorth End
Campolindo DriveCorte MateoCorte de Rosas
Corte GranadaVia GranadaSouth End
Devin DriveEl Paraiso CourtMoraga Road
Donald DriveLaird DriveWest End
Fernwood DriveWillowspring LaneBelfair Place
Fernwood DriveDonald DriveBirchwood Drive
Gaywood PlaceCedarwood DriveWest End
Hardie DriveMoraga WayIdlewood Court
Juniper WayRimer DriveEast End
Kimberley Drive360' south of Scofield DriveScofield Drive
Longfield PlaceFernwood DriveNorth End
Lynwood PlaceGreenfield DriveCorliss Drive
Quintas LanePaseo del RioCalle la Mesa
Rheem BoulevardScofield Drive333 Rheem Boulevard
Sarah LaneRimer DriveEast End
Shuey DriveCamino PabloLarch Avenue
Tia PlaceLarch AvenueEast End
Via GranadaQuintas LaneCorte del Sol
Viader DriveCountry Club DriveMoraga Way

NOTE: The street list is subject to change.

Concrete Repair

During design, the concrete curb, gutter, and sidewalk abutting private properties were inspected in preparation for the street rehabilitation projects. Portions of the sidewalk, curb, and gutter were marked accordingly for repairs. Sidewalk inspection is based on criteria from Caltrans and Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations and standards. The maximum vertical surface separation between concrete surfaces is ¼ inch, and the maximum openings (such as cracks and holes) in the surface is ½ inch, but other issues may be cited that exceed Federal regulations.

Curbs and gutters capture runoff from the street and convey the water to storm drain inlets and other capture points. The new pavement surfaces will be paved to match the existing curb and gutter. Curb and gutter that is sunken or raised can cause ponding. Cracks in the concrete cause water intrusion underneath the new pavement, accelerating pavement deterioration over time, will require repairs.

 Property Owner Responsibilities To Maintain Curb, Gutter, Sidewalks, and Other Improvements

The Town of Moraga does not maintain curbs, gutters, sidewalks, pathways, trees, shrubs, hedges, and other landscaping or improvements in what the Town defines as the sidewalk area from the roadway edge to the private property line, which is considered to be part of the Public Right-of-Way (ROW). This policy established from the Moraga Municipal Code has been in place since 1977 for sidewalks and, in its existing form, has been in place since 1990, which expanded responsibility limits outwards to include gutters and parking strips. The property owner maintenance responsibility of improvements along their properties is consistent with other local jurisdictions, including Contra Costa County and the Cities of Lafayette and Orinda, to name a few.

Per the Moraga Municipal Code (MMC) Section 12.04.010 A - Property owner(s) are responsible for repairing and maintaining sidewalk area. A link to the MMC is as follows: https://library.municode.com/ca/moraga/codes/municipal_code. The relevant section is noted below:

 "12.04.010 A. The owner of a parcel of real property which fronts on any portion of a sidewalk area between the property line of the parcel and the street line, including a parking strip and curb, is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the sidewalk area and shall pay the cost and expense of repair and maintenance."

 The "sidewalk area" is measured from the street pavement edge (including the parking strip and/or curb/gutter if present) to the private property line, regardless of an actual paved sidewalk being present.

 Can the limits of the marked-out concrete areas be reduced?

Property owners are being asked to replace sections of curb and gutter from score mark joint to score mark joint as this is the Town standard for replacing concrete. In limited cases that do not cause drainage or ADA compliance issues, Engineering staff may be able to approve a reduction in the portion of needed concrete replacement. In most cases, unfortunately, it is not possible to reduce the amount of concrete replacement. Please contact the Engineering staff if you would like to review the marked replacement limits.

Options for concrete repair:

  1. Short-term repair - Grind, cut, or seal flush any gaps or offsets to be flush with adjoining concrete within certain limits. Please confer with the Town Public Works Engineering staff to determine if this is an appropriate repair solution for your situation. If it is determined to be an appropriate solution, the property owner will have to hire a licensed contractor to perform or complete the work themselves. Sealing gaps and offset will filler or sealant material is not an approved long-term repair method due to concerns regarding ADA compliance, long-term stability (particularly for curbs/gutters that are subject to the weight of vehicles), and concerns of materials or pollutants entering the storm drainage system. Please consult the Engineering staff for possible exceptions. Please see the "Hiring a licensed contractor or complete work themselves" section below for requirements.
  2. Remove and replace – Removing the marked-out area and replacing it with a new curb gutter and/or sidewalk. The property owner can hire a licensed contractor to perform the work, complete the work themselves or enter into an agreement with the Town for the property owner to pay for the replacement of concrete utilizing the Town's Contractor to complete the work. The use of the Town's contractor is limited to the contractor accepting this additional work (outside their original contract work scope) at their original bid item pricing.

Hiring a Licensed Contractor or Complete the Work Themselves:

Property owners can complete the repairs by hiring a licensed contractor or completing the work themselves. The work requires an Encroachment Permit as a cost to the property owners to ensure all work is completed per Town standards. The encroachment permit form can be found at www.moraga.ca.us/encroachmentpermits. For questions or additional information, contact the encroachment permit staff at (925) 888-7041 or via email at encrpermit@moraga.ca.us. All repairs must be completed by February 1, 2023, to prevent conflicts with the Town's contractor street work and to allow for abatement work to occur. 

The Town reserves the right to complete the repairs and seek reimbursement, including all administration costs.

Utilizing the Town's contractor:

The Town understands the challenges in meeting this deadline, including the short time frame to perform repairs; difficulty in finding reasonably priced contractors; the unplanned time associated with retaining a contractor and permits; and the costs of the repairs. To assist property owners, the Town developed the option to address the quick time frame necessary for completing the work; to ease the property owners' burden of retaining contractors and managing the work; and, in some cases, provide a more cost-effective alternative.

Property owners can enter into an agreement with the Town to utilize the Town Contractor to complete the concrete curb, gutter, and sidewalk repairs. The Town has negotiated an all-inclusive price for the repair work that includes site inspections/permits, construction insurance, and staff administration costs. The following lists the pass-thru construction costs based on the lowest, responsive, and responsible construction bid received on August 2, 2022, from DeSilva Gates Construction, for various items related to the replacement of underdrains, curbs/gutters, and/or sidewalks: 

  • Remove and replace curb and gutter                            $160 per linear foot
  • Remove and replace sidewalk                                         $30 per square foot
  • Remove and replace underdrain                                    $1,000 each

 If you have received an agreement and elect this option, please return it by the deadline listed on the agreement to guarantee the work will be included. If it is passed the deadline, please contact the Town's Project Manager to check the status of the concrete work and if the Town's contractor is willing to complete additional work.  

Project Updates

To receive project updates, please sign up at Notify Me.