MCSP Area 15 & 17

Moraga Center Specific Plan (MCSP) Area 15 and portion of Area 17 Development Application (“Moraga Terrace”).  


The proposed project is for a new single-family residential development on a vacant 6.37-acre site located at the easterly terminus of Moraga Way. The Specific Plan designates the 6.0 acres within Area 15 as “Residential (6 du/ac)” and designates the 0.37 acres within Area 17 as “Mixed Office/Residential (12-20 du/ac)” The plans feature 33 two-story single-family dwellings with two-car garages. The lots range in size from 4,601 square feet to 31,048 square feet and the homes would range in size from 2,059 square feet to 3,689 square feet (including garages). Twenty-two of the 33 lots would be accessed through an internal private street taking access from the Moraga Road/Moraga Way/Canyon Road intersection. Six lots would take access directly from existing Country Club Drive, and the remaining five lots (in Area 17) would access Country Club Drive via a common driveway.

The requested entitlements include a Conceptual Development Plan for the eventual subdivision of the property.

This project is currently under review with Planning staff.