General Plan Amendments

As part of the Comprehensive Advanced Planning Initiative, the Town of Moraga is amending its 2002 General Plan. State law requires that the General Plan is internally consistent, meaning each of its chapters (or "elements") should support each other. Although it stands on its own as a separate document, the new Housing Element is part of the General Plan. Adopting the new Housing Element requires amendments to several other elements, including the Land Use Element. This ensures that there are no conflicts between the elements and that all elements are using common assumptions, maps, and data. 

Additional amendments to the General Plan are required to comply with new State laws. This includes amendments to the Circulation and Growth Management Elements to reflect the use of "Vehicle Miles Traveled" (VMT) as a standard for evaluating a project's transportation impacts under the California Environmental Quality Act. It also includes amendments to the Safety Element, which are required to address evacuation, wildfire, and issues associated with climate change and resilience. 

The links below are to a "tracked change" version of the General Plan Showing the proposed amendments, and a "Clean" copy is which the edits have been accepted.

General Plan Consistency Amendments Tracked Changes (PDF)

General Plan Consistency Amendments Clean (PDF)