Housing Legislation

The State of California has passed several Assembly and Senate Bills that regulate Housing Development and the Housing Element. California Housing Legislature directly impacts Moraga’s Advanced Planning Initiative, including the: 6th Cycle Housing Element, Rezoning (including Bollinger Canyon Special Study Area), and the General Plan Update. Below, you will find some of California Legislature that pertain to Housing and the Housing Element.

Category Bill Title
Bills Removing Barriers to Housing Production
SB 330 – Housing Crisis Act of 2019 and Changes to Permit Streamlining Act & Housing Accountability Act

SB 35 - Streamlined Ministerial Approval Process

SB 9 - Housing Development; Approvals

AB 1763 – Density Bonuses for Affordable Housing

AB 116 – Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District

AB 879 – Expands the required analysis of constraints in the Housing Element
Surplus Land Databases and Reporting Requirements AB 1486 / SB 6 / AB 1255 – Expansion of Surplus Land Act and Reporting

AB 1483  – Housing Data Collection and Reporting
Accessory Dwelling Units AB 68AB 881 / SB 13 – Modifications to Increase Accessory Dwelling Unit Development

AB 587 – Sale of Accessory Dwelling Units

AB 670 – Construction of Accessory Dwelling Units in Common Interest Developments

AB 671 – Affordable Accessory Dwelling Unit Program Creation
Related Housing Element Laws  SB 166 – “No Net Loss” Law

AB 1397 – Additional justification of Housing Element sites

AB 1505 – Authorizes Inclusionary Housing in Rental Projects

AB 72 – Increased Enforcement of Housing Element Law

SB 375 - Transportation planning, travel demand models, sustainable communities strategy, and environmental review.

SB 167 - Housing Accountability Act

AB 686 - Housing Discrimination, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)

SB 379 - Land Use, General Plan, Safety Element

AB 215 - Planning and Zoning Law, Housing Element, Violations

On October 27, 2021, The Town of Moraga Town Council received a staff report and presentation on legislation update. The Staff Report, PowerPoint Presentation, and video below: