Firearms Safety

Firearms safety is critically important in Moraga and every other community. Both State Law and Town Ordinance require you to store your firearms, ensuring they are not accessible by children. Firearm owners can be held criminally liable and go to jail if their guns are unlawfully used or discharged by children.


Gun Locks

The Moraga Police Department offers free gun locks to anyone who wants one. Gun locks are available at the Police Department front counter (Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm) or from any Moraga Police officer. We provide a gun lock, distributed by Project ChildSafe, that is a cable-style gun lock that requires that most firearms are unloaded when they are locked, providing another layer of safety. Other types of gun locks for specific firearms can be located here.

Additionally, gun safes and other locking containers that are secured to a floor or wall are effective tools in preventing firearms from being stolen in a burglary.

gun and rifle on desk

Unwanted Firearms Disposal

The Moraga Police Department will also dispose of any unwanted firearms, free of charge. Bring your unwanted firearm, of any type, to the Police Department. Leave the firearm secured in your vehicle when you arrive and an officer will meet with you, retrieve the firearm and accept it for destruction. All of these firearms are destroyed at no cost to you.

Educational Resources

Please help keep our community safe by ensuring your firearms are secured at all times. The Moraga Police can provide you with educational information for use in teaching children about firearms safety and to not touch unattended firearms.