Small Cell Wireless Facilities Ordinance Update

On April 24, 2019 The Town Council adopted Ordinance 282 amending Moraga Municipal Code Chapter 8.144 establishing development standards, procedures, and aesthetic criteria for the development of small cell wireless facilities within public rights-of-way in the Town, in compliance with the Carr Order issued by the Federal Communications Commission.

On January 27, 2021 at the Town Council Goal Setting Session for 2021, staff proposed to work on a comprehensive Wireless Ordinance Update as part of the 2022 work program for Planning Department.  Council discussed, as an alternative to the comprehensive Wireless Ordinance Update, a focused update to the Small Cell Wireless Ordinance and to defer the comprehensive review of Moraga Municipal Code (“MMC”) Chapter 8.144 to a future undetermined date.

On July 6, 2021, the Planning Commission Recommended to the Town Council Adoption of Ordinance Amending Sections 8.144.010, “Purpose and Intent,” 8.144.020, “Definitions,” and 8.144.035, “General Development Standards and Procedures for Small Cell Wireless Facilities” within Chapter 8.144, “Wireless Communications Facilities, Satellite Dishes and Miscellaneous Antennas” of Title 8, Planning and Zoning, of the Moraga Municipal Code to Revise Applicable Definitions, Standards and Procedures Pertaining to Small Cell Wireless Facilities.

The Wireless Communications Facilities, Satellite Dishes and Miscellaneous Antennas MMC Chapter 8.144 Ordinance Amendment  tentatively September 8, 2021.