Residential & Commercial Energy Use

Residential & Commercial Energy Use Projects

  • The Town enrolled in MCE (formerly Marin Clean Energy) in July 2017, a Community Choice Aggregation Program serving a number of communities in the Bay Area, in order to provide Moraga’s residents and businesses the ability to select the source of their electricity supply. The current electricity options MCE offers are "Light Green" (50% from renewable sources) and "Deep Green" (100% renewable - zero emissions). PG&E’s default option is 33% renewable, while it also offers a 100% renewable option called "Solar Choice."

    In April 2018, all 6,417 existing residential and commercial electric accounts in Town were automatically enrolled in MCE and provided with the ability to opt out at any time. As of December 2018, 5,740 of those accounts, or 89.9%, were still enrolled and, of that total, 1.33% of customers were enrolled in the Deep Green program. The change of approximately 90% from 33% renewables to 50% renewables equates to an estimated 17% reduction in electricity related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

  • The state’s Green Building Standards Code (also known as "CALGreen"), mandates various statewide energy efficiency and water conservation measures for all new construction and promotes healthy indoor and outdoor air quality in accordance with the provisions of AB 32. CALGreen underwent regular triennial updates in both 2015 and 2018. These updates included new standards aimed at further reducing energy consumption in all new or remodeled buildings, recycling construction waste materials, reducing water use, promoting the development of renewable energy systems (such as rooftop solar) and requiring low-emissions interior finish materials such as paint and carpet.

    The Town adopted by reference all applicable CALGreen building standards as well as additional, more restrictive standards pertaining specifically to Contra Costa County in late 2015 by adopting by reference Contra Costa County Ordinance Number 2016-22 in January 2017. Since that time, all new construction in Moraga has had to adhere to CALGreen standards. By adopting CALGreen and County Ordinance Number 2016-22, the Town was able to effectively implement several strategies in both the Residential Energy Use and Commercial Energy Use Sections of the CAP.