How can I address the Town Council?

Members of the public are invited to address the Town Council at Town Council meetings, held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

How to Address Town Council During In-Person Meetings

  1. Please fill out a Speaker Card (available at the Town Council meeting) and submit it to the Town Clerk. Do this before the meeting or before the item is heard. This will ensure that your name is called for the item(s) that you wish to address, and will help ensure the meeting runs smoothly for all participants.
  2. When the Council reaches your item on the agenda, the Mayor will open the public comment and call your name. Please address the Council from the podium. Speakers are allowed 3 minutes to address the Town Council, although the amount of time allotted may vary at the Mayor’s discretion, depending on the number of speakers or the length of the agenda. Speakers may not allocate the time to another individual.
  3. If you wish to discuss an item that does not appear on the Town Council agenda you may address the Town Council during the “Public Comment” portion of the agenda. Please follow the same procedure for submitting Speaker Cards. Please note the Town Council is unable to discuss or take action on issues presented during Public Comment. According to State Law (The Brown Act-Government Code Section 54954.2), items must first be noticed on the agenda before any discussion or action. The Town Council may refer your issue to staff for attention, or have a matter placed on a future agenda for a more comprehensive action or report.

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