Town Goals

Moraga Town Council and Community
2021 Goals and Priorities

"Enhance Communication and Transparency"

  • Continue work on a financial plan to sustain core operations of the Town, including unfunded storm drain, asset replacement and pension needs, and develop and adopt a five-year CIP budget strategy. Maintain and improve fiscal discipline by adopting a balanced budget, continuing high quality fiscal reporting, and continuing to position the Town for long-term fiscal sustainability and operational efficiency.

  • Continue to focus on traffic safety and explore opportunities for improvement, such as closing the sidewalk gap on Corliss Drive near Los Perales school.

  • Contribute to the community effort to improve diversity and inclusion throughout the Town.

  • Identify funding, create an action plan and initiate work on the 6th Cycle Housing Element to satisfy the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA), meet State mandates, and maintain the Town’s semi-rural character consistent with the General Plan.

  • Rezone the Bollinger Valley Special Study Area.

  • Maintain and improve public safety for all through the continued provision of high-quality police and emergency response services, including continued coordination with Moraga-Orinda Fire District (MOFD) on fire safety and emergency preparedness.

  • Initiate and complete a review of the Town’s three-step planned development process.

  • Continue evaluation and implementation of viable strategies in Moraga’s Climate Action Plan to lessen the Town’s impact on the environment.

  • Continue construction on the permanent Canyon Road Bridge, completing Phase II without incident, including submitting for reimbursement of costs in a timely manner.

  • Implement the 2021 Pavement Management Program including the 2021 Pavement Resurfacing Project, design work for the 2022-2024 “Worst First” Pavement Reconstruction Projects, and the Annual Pavement Repair Project.

  • Continue implementation and refinement of the Storm Drain System Operations and Maintenance Program and begin work on needed storm drain capital improvement projects.

  • Maintain the Town’s parks, open space, and facilities for the benefit of the public.

  • Work collaboratively with the Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders to improve Moraga’s business climate and address recovery from the pandemic.