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Moraga Activity Guide Mailing Opt-In

  1. Classes, camps, activities and events are available to view in a digital Activity Guide that can be accessed at Hard copies of the guide will be mailed to every residence in Moraga and are available at the Parks and Recreation Office, Town Hall, and Moraga Library.
  2. If you live outside of Moraga and would like to receive the winter/spring (January through May), summer (June through August), and fall (August through December) Activity Guides in the mail, please complete this form.
  3. Why do we want your email address?
    We will occasionally send an email asking if you still want to receive the Activity Guide in the mail. Mailing the guides is a very costly endeavor and if your preferences have changed or you have moved away, we will be able to take your address off the list. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you choose to not include your email address, please be sure to contact us if your preferences have changed.
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