Why did my street get picked and not my neighbor's?

The Town has approximately $1.2 million of annual Measure K funds for the pavement management program but needs $2.2 million to maintain the current average pavement condition for the entire Town. Unfortunately, not all streets will be resurfaced.

In order to maximize the Town’s dollars to preserve the Town’s entire network of pavement in the best condition, the Town relies heavily on pavement asset management software to preliminarily select candidate streets for further evaluation.

The goal for selecting streets for this year’s project is to reconstruct streets that are in very poor to failed condition and are in need of a deeper pavement treatment to repair the extensive pavement failures. Your street was selected by our software for this year’s project because it is in very poor to failed condition, which makes it eligible for pavement reconstruction.

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1. Where is the money coming from?
2. Why did my street get picked and not my neighbor's?
3. How and when will I know when my street will be fixed?
4. What should I expect during construction?
5. Who should I contact if I have a problem during the construction?