Can I raise chickens on my property?

Small farm animals defined as “small un-hooved animals, including, but not limited to, chickens, doves, pigeons, quail, game birds, rabbits and honey bees” may be kept on parcels within the 1-DUA, 2-DUA, 3-DUA, 6-DUA, Study, Institutional, MOSO or non-MOSO open space zoning districts as accessory to an existing permitted single-family residence, duplex, triplex or fourplex. The number of small farm animals (excepting bees) permitted on a given lot is based on gross lot area as follows: 

Parcel SizeNumber of Small Farm Animals Allowed
5,999 square feet or lessNone
6,000 square feet to 10,000 square feetMaximum of 4
10,001 square feet to 20,000 square feetMaximum of 6
20,001 square feet to 40,000 square feetMaximum of 8
Greater than 40,000 square feetMaximum of 16

Small farm animals (excepting bees) must be fenced at all times and have access to a coup cage or similar structure, which:

  • Provides protection from the elements
  • Is located in the rear or side yard
  • Meets the minimum front, side and rear setbacks required for the primary residence. 

The keeping of honey bee colonies is also permitted at the following densities, based on gross lot area:

Parcel SizeNumber of Honey Bee Colonies Allowed
5,999 square feet or lessNone
6,000 square feet to 1/2 acresMaximum of 4
1/2 acres to less than 1 acreMaximum of 6
1 acre or largerMaximum of 8

One nucleus colony may be kept for each honey bee colony permitted on a parcel.

To review all of the small farm animal keeping regulations, please refer to Moraga Municipal Code Section 8.92 “Animal Keeping”.

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