What are the regulations for an accessory dwelling unit at my home?

An accessory dwelling unit can be fully enclosed within an existing residence or accessory building or attached to or detached from a existing primary single family dwelling. An accessory dwelling unit provides complete independent living facilities, including sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation, on the same parcel as the existing primary single family dwelling. The Town’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance provides for the ministerial approval of accessory dwelling units by the Planning Director provided that the application is consistent with all the criteria in MMC Sections 8.124.060 and 8.124.070.

Accessory dwelling units cannot exceed one story or more than 19-feet high and cannot be built over a garage or basement. The interior living area must be between 150 and 800 square feet. One off-street parking space may be required for an attached or detached accessory dwelling unit, in addition to the two covered parking spaces required for the primary residence. Ministerial approval requires that all the requirements listed in Moraga Municipal Code Chapter 8.124 must be met, certain exceptions may be allowed through approval of a Conditional Use Permit.

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