Working Draft Housing Element

The Housing Element is Moraga’s plan to meet future housing needs in the town over the next eight years (2023-2031). It includes an assessment of all existing housing, as well as the projected housing needs within the community, an analysis of adequate housing sites, and an analysis of potential constraints on housing development. It also establishes the community’s vision for local policies and programs to direct the way housing develops, consistent with State law.

Over the past year, the Town has been working to update the Housing Element and has prepared working drafts of each of the required components listed below. The Town must submit a Working Draft to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for review prior to submitting a final adopted Housing Element for certification by January 31, 2023. State law requires the Town to allow at least 30 days for public comment on the Initial Draft.

The Planning Commission and Town Council will review the working draft Housing Element in June and July to provide input. The initial draft is now finalized and published for a 30-day public review period beginning June 28, 2022. The close of the public review period is July 30, 2022 and will submit to HCD soon after. Once comments are received from HCD, the Town will make revisions and bring back to the Planning Commission and Town Council for adoption in late 2022.  An Environmental Impact Report and related General Plan and Zoning Amendments will also be adopted at this time.

The HCD Working Draft Housing Element Chapters and the appendices are:

June 30, 2022 HCD Working Draft Housing Element Chapters 1-6

June 30, 2022 HCD Working Draft Housing Element Appendices A-E

As of Tuesday, June 28, 2022, the above contents were also uploaded as individual Chapters and appendices for additional courtesy review. The links are below:

  1. Introduction – Explains the purpose and legal requirements for the Housing Element, the context for housing in Moraga, and the Town’s community outreach and engagement program.
  2. Effectiveness of the Existing Housing Element - Evaluates the 5th Cycle Housing Element to measure its progress toward implementation of the identified policies and programs.
  3. Housing Needs Assessment - Examination of the demographic, employment and housing trends and conditions that affect the housing needs of Moraga
  4. Housing Sites Inventory and Resources – Assessment of available site locations for housing development or redevelopment to ensure there is adequate capacity to fulfill the identified housing needs.  Also includes the State-mandated discussion of energy resources.
  5. Constraints Analysis – Assesses non-governmental and governmental constraints on the preservation and development of housing. The Town must address constraints identified in this analysis as part of the Implementation Plan. 
  6. Implementation Plan (Goals, Policies and Programs) – Established overall goals, policies to guide decision -making, and specific, time-bound programs to fulfill the identified housing needs. 

Appendix A: Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) Fair Housing Analysis - This is a new requirement and it identifies historic patterns of segregation and exclusion and informs actions (programs) that will actively address disparities to develop a more inclusive community.

Appendix B: Housing Site Inventory - A detailed list of the Town’s housing opportunity sites, including State-mandated data for each site.

Appendix C: Resident Survey Report - What we learned from the Resident Survey.  More than 1,000 responses were received!

Appendix D: Student Survey Report - A summary of the results from a housing survey administered to Saint Mary’s College students.

Appendix E: Balancing Act Report - A summary of the public responses to a on-line mapping exercise created to identify possible housing sites.