Los Encinos (Vista Encinos)

Los Encinos Homes

The Los Encinos Subdivision is a 10-lot single-family residential development approved on a 7.4-acre portion of what was originally a 65.5-acre property.  The remaining 58.1 acres include a new trail which extends from the end of Vista Encinos to the Moraga Ranch Trail. The project site is located in the southeast portion of the Town, east of the northern terminus of Baitx Drive. The residential lots are provided street access via Vista Encinos, an approximately 500-foot-long cul-de-sac accessed off of Baitx Drive that was constructed as part of the subdivision improvements.

The Planning Commission approved a Mitigated Negative Declaration, Hillside Development Permit and Vesting Tentative Map for the project on November 5, 2001. These approvals were appealed on November 12, 2001 but were upheld by the Town Council on January 9, 2002 through the adoption of Town Council Resolution No. 3-2002. On March 27, 2002, the Town Council adopted Ordinance No. 191 rezoning the 7.4-acre portion of the site to 3-DUA as conditioned by Resolution No. 3-2002. On September 3, 2002, the Planning Commission adopted Planning Commission Resolution No. 18-2002 approving a Conditional Use Permit (UP 07-2002) allowing for the dedication, construction, maintenance, and use of a public trail system to satisfy Condition of Approval No. II.8 of Town Council Resolution No. 3-2002.

On December 8, 2005 the Los Encinos Final Map was recorded and on April 10, 2006 the Design Review Board approved perimeter landscaping for the subdivision. Grading and onsite improvements including the street and drainage facilities were largely constructed in 2006 and 2007.

On April 8, 2019, the Planning Commission considered amendments to the Vesting Tentative Map and Hillside Development Permit conditions of approval, revisions to grading design, design review for the 10 homes and consideration of various design guideline exceptions. This hearing was continued to May 6, 2019, and subsequently continued again to allow the applicant more time to respond to the Planning Commission’s directions until June 3, 2019, when the Planning Commission approved the project. On June 13, 2019, this approval was appealed to the Town Council. On July 31, 2019, the Town Council adopted Town Council Resolution No. 61-2019 denying the appeal and upholding the Planning Commission’s decision, with amendments, which included limiting lots 3 and 8 to single story homes.

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