Rancho Laguna II (Bellavista)

Rancho Laguna II Subdivision Concept

The Rancho Laguna II Project is an approved 27-unit single-family residential subdivision, located on a 178.9 acre site on Rheem Boulevard. The 18,000- to 24,000-square-foot lots are clustered on 27 acres, leaving the majority of the site, approximately 152 acres, as open space. All of the residential lots are wholly within the Non-MOSO Open Space - Planned Development (N-OS-PD) zoning district and outside MOSO (OS-M) designated areas.

The Planning Commission approved a Conceptual Development Plan for the project in January of 2011, a General Development Plan and Vesting Tentative Map in April 2014, and a Precise Development Plan in April 2015.

Moraga Geologic Hazard Abatement District Board Meeting April 10, 2015 - Plan of Control Approval

Planning Commission April 6, 2015 - Precise Development Plan

Earlier Actions