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Moraga Walk | Bike Plan: 

The goal of the Walk | Bike Plan is to make walking and biking in Moraga safer and easier.

The Walk | Bike Plan was adopted by the Moraga Town Council on October 26, 2016.

Plan Development

Draft Walk | Bike Plan

California Environmental Quality Act Compliance

Notice of Intent

Draft Initial Study & Negative Declaration 

Email or phone: If you wish to provide comments or have questions, contact Coleman Frick, Associate Planner, at or at (925) 888-7039.  

Past Events

Public Workshop to Prioritize Projects for the Moraga Walk | Bike Plan
Thursday, February 4, 7:00 to 8:30 pm; in the La Sala Room at the Hacienda de las Flores (2100 Donald Drive, in Moraga)

After months of research and planning, the time has come to make important decisions for the Moraga Walk | Bike Plan. Last November, the needs assessment process was completed, which included input from Moraga residents about their needs and concerns, ideas, and suggestions about how to making biking and walking safer and more enjoyable in Town. The 1,500 or so comments received from the public presented a rich picture of the community’s thoughts and opinions about walking and biking in Moraga.

Since then, the project consultant and Town staff formulated a set of projects to improve walking and biking conditions in Moraga. The recommendations respond closely to the main needs and concerns expressed by the public. Unfortunately, the list of recommendations contains more projects than the Town will be able to accomplish, given limited funds. To narrow the list down to a manageable length, top priorities must be identified.

Help the Town figure out those priorities at a workshop on Thursday, February 4! There will be a presentation of the proposed recommendations, followed by two group exercises to discuss them. The recommendations will form the central part of the draft Moraga Walk | Bike Plan, which the public will be able to review and comment on more fully.

Join the project consultant and Town staff for a fun, informative discussion—with refreshments. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the workshop or about the Walk | Bike Plan more generally, contact Coleman Frick (Assistant Planner for the Town), at or at (925) 888-7039.

Weigh in on Moraga's new Wayfinding Plan

The project consultant has prepared a four design concepts for new signage to help drivers, pedestrians and cyclists move throughout Moraga and find destinations safely and easily. Click on the Open Town Hall link to vote for your favorite design. The deadline to vote is 5:00 p.m. on January 8, 2016.

Public Outreach Summary/Needs Assessment Report

The WBP consultant recently completed a needs assessment report and summary of public engagement to date for the plan's preparation. The report is now available for review (click on the link)

Upcoming Opportunities

Public Workshop, February 4, 2016: The final public workshop is an opportunity for residents to help prioritize the pedestrian and bicycle improvements that will be included in the Walk | Bike Plan.

Town Council Meeting February 24, 2016: At the meeting, the project consultant will provide Councilmembers with an update of the Plan's progress to date and present a list of priority bicycle and pedestrian improvements based on public input.

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Citizen's Advisory Committee

The CAC for the Walk | Bike Plan was created by the Town Council to provide guidance and direction on the development of the plan. All meetings of the CAC are open to the public.

Second CAC Meeting--Tuesday September, 21, 2015, 7PM
La Sala Building, Hacienda de las Flores 
2100 Donald Drive, Moraga

Tuesday July, 21, 2015, 7PM--CAC Kick-off Meeting 
La Sala Building, Hacienda de las Flores 
2100 Donald Drive, Moraga

Needs Assessment Process

The needs assessment process provided an opportunity for the project consultants and Town staff  to hear from members of the community about the needs and concerns of pedestrians and cyclists; the obstacles and challenges to walking and biking; and your ideas and suggestions for improving conditions. The outreach for this phase of the project has concluded and a summery report will be available in mid-late November. Below is a list of past outreach opportunities from which the report information was derived:

Community survey
Comments map
Public workshop (click on the link for agenda), September 29, 2015
Group bike ride, October 3, 2015
Town Council hearingOctober 14, 2015

Report on Existing Conditions

The consultant for the plan has prepared a background report on existing issues and conditions relevant to walking and biking in Moraga. The report discusses such topics as the town's key destinations; street network; facilities for walking and biking; commuting and collision statistics; and related planning efforts. The report and accompanying map are now available for review (see below). Please submit any comments to Coleman Frick at

• Report on existing conditions  

• Existing conditions map

Project background

The existing Moraga Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (MBPP) is in need of a comprehensive update that meets the Goals and Objectives outlined in the General Plan. There is a strong local interest in making Moraga a better connected community, one that accommodates the transportation and recreation needs of all residents.

The Moraga Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan Update (PBMP) is intended to improve circulation within the Town, and make transportation safer and more enjoyable for all users, while prioritizing multi-modal transportation projects rather than traditional road improvement projects.

The Town selected a consultant to prepare the PBMP Update based through the requests for proposals and interview processes. On February 11, the Town Council approved the PBMP contract, schedule, and scope of work.

On April 22, Town Council approved the Moraga Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan (PBMP) Update and Wayfinding Plan Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Charter. The CAC includes one member (each) of the Planning Commission, Design Review Board, Park and Recreation Commission, and four members of the community to provide input and recommendations on elements of the PBMP and Wayfinding Plan throughout the development process. The PBMP CAC is expected to meet approximately five times over the course of the plan's development.