Town Of Moraga

Rheem Boulevard On-Street Parking Project

Project Background:

On September 9, 2015, Town Council authorized the design and construction of the Rheem Boulevard On-Street Parking project to re-stripe a portion of Rheem Boulevard from 335 Rheem Boulevard to Moraga Road to provide on-street public parking along both sides of the roadway and improve the area for pedestrians and bicyclists with no impact on traffic flow.  Although on-street parking is currently allowed on the north side of Rheem Blvd along the 24-Hour Fitness frontage, the restriping would better define it and add on-street parking on both sides of the street.

The project addresses the request from Council to explore options to provide a pedestrian crossing on Rheem Boulevard from either the Council Chambers/Community Meeting Room or further down Rheem closer to the shopping and business centers located on both sides of the roadway, as well as addresses concerns from the community to provide more parking in the area.

Concept plans depicting two interim options were presented to Council and discussed at the public hearing.  Council directed staff to proceed with interim Option 2 and authorized the Town Manager to begin discussions with the adjacent private property owners to construct pedestrian improvements on private property to continue the pedestrian path of travel across Rheem Boulevard and across Park Street.

Notification to the community about the project can be found in About Town dated September 10, 2015 and November 2, 2015 and Nextdoor agenda item.  Prior to construction, notifications were mailed and hand delivered to the adjacent residents and businesses, a changeable message board was posted to inform motorists, and nixle announcement was sent to all Moragan participants.

Additional Project Background:

Over the past three years at the Council, starting on May 23, 2012 where the Council requested staff defer its implement a parking plan until the pavement program was underway, and discussed again in April 2014.  Concurrently, the Town has received many requests from 24-hour Fitness customers and Homemade Cafe to look at ways to increase parking for those businesses.  As part of that effort, Town staff has discussed with Saint Mary's College about having their customers of the Rheem Campus park move around the corner of the building.  Although these issues are all located on private property, the Town has made an effort to have these property owners work together on solving the parking issues.

Project Description:

The work to be performed for the project is generally described as removal of existing striping, pavement base repairs and crack sealing, slurry seal, restriping and placement of signs.  The work began on October 22 and will complete in 2 weeks, weather permitting.  Concrete work to install Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements will be constructed at a later date. Please be patient as there may be increased congestion and construction traffic in the area during active construction operations.  Please contact the project construction manager, David Latona, at (925) 817-8091 with any questions regarding the construction operations.

Project Status:

The remaining work to complete the project is the final striping and signing of the roadway.  The pedestrian crossing and concrete work, which includes modification of portions of the sidewalk and ADA compliant curb ramps, crosswalk striping and signing, is forthcoming.  Once bids are received and reviewed, the concrete work will commence. 

The slurry seal portion of the work was completed and required a minimum of seven days for curing before placement of the thermoplastic striping and markings.  After the curing time passed and the striping crew was scheduled, we were delayed due to weather. Each time the striping crew has been scheduled, we had rain.  We hope to get back on their schedule soon.