Town Of Moraga

What Does it Take to Repair our Roads?

Now that Moraga voters passed Measure K and the Town Council created an Oversight Committee and directed staff to repair Moraga’s roads as efficiently as possible…what’s next? First is to finalize the list of street segments for FY 2013/14 and further diagnose how to cost-effectively repair those streets. The Council began this process by approving a contract with Nichols Consulting. Second will be to drill or “core” the street segments to evaluate what is beneath the surface. Third will be to prepare the plans, specifications and cost estimates, review the engineering designs, and obtain appropriate approvals. Next will be to hire construction management and inspection services which require a formal bidding and selection process for Council consideration. The last step will be to publish the roadway repair plans to the construction community, host a pre-bid meeting, open the bidding as required by State Contract law, review and analyze the bids, and recommend the required low bidder for Town Council approval. Once this process is complete, residents will start to see construction workers repairing roads.

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