Town Of Moraga

Update on Sinkhole at 398 Rheem Boulevard – April 26, 2019

On April 19, the Shopping Center property owner inspected the 96-inch Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) storm drain culvert and discovered that a 20-feet section of CMP under the sinkhole was offset which was allowing water, dirt and sediment to flow into the pipe from above. On April 22, the property owners shored up the damaged CMP to prevent it from collapsing and potentially causing failure of the entire 500-feet of CMP. The Town has been clear that the property owners are responsible for repairs to the storm drain pipes on their property. However, given the Town’s knowledge of the storm drain system, the serious health and safety issues which need to be addressed, and the impact that the repair could have on upstream sections of the storm drain, a Special Town Council meeting was held on April 24 to appropriate $80,000 from the General Fund Reserve to the Storm Drain Maintenance operating budget to provide initial technical support necessary to protect improvements to the Town’s storm drain infrastructure.

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