Town Of Moraga

Update on Rancho Laguna Park

Two items of interest regarding Rancho Laguna park were on the Town Council agenda for March 14. First, the Council considered revisions to Moraga Municipal Code Section 12.08.180, which lists Rancho Laguna Park and Mulholland as exceptions to the Town-wide off-leash dog ordinance. Of the five off-leash options considered, the Council voted 3-2 in favor of an option which would eliminate off-leash use at Rancho Laguna Park, but allow off-leash animals in a Town Council designated fenced dog park of no more than three acres. As stated in the staff report, the intent of this option was to encourage all the user groups and stakeholders to cooperatively work together on a community generated plan. This fenced dog park could either be located in Rancho Laguna Park or another Town facility. This ordinance’s second reading is scheduled for March 28 and would become effective 30 days thereafter. Second, the Council rescinded Resolution 46-2011, nullifying their December 14, 2011 decision for spatial separation at Rancho Laguna Park in light of pending litigation and its potential to deplete Town resources.

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