Town Of Moraga

Town Receives Citizens' Referendum

On Friday, June 26, a group of citizens submitted petitions calling for a Referendum to remove the 12 housing units per acre zoning associated with the 36-unit City Ventures project between Moraga Way and Country Club Drive. A Referendum allows the citizens to challenge the adoption of the zoning ordinance by collecting valid signatures from 10 percent of the registered voters in Moraga. If the requisite number of signatures is deemed valid by the County Elections Division, the Town Council must decide at its next regular Council meeting whether to rescind its recent zoning ordinance or put the question on a ballot in an election. The County has estimated an election cost of approximately $50,000. The density for the project site was established through the 2010 Moraga Center Specific Plan, allowing between 12 and 20 housing units per acre. At 36 housing units, the density of the City Ventures project is 11.8 housing units per acre.

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