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Town Manager to Address Declaration of Fiscal Emergency

As part of adopting the Town’s balanced budget this year, a Fiscal Emergency was declared to achieve two goals: 1) To alert the Moraga community of the immediate need to address current and future revenue sources; and 2) To give the Town the flexibility, based on community desire and Town Council authorization, to put a revenue measure or measures on a ballot without waiting for normal election cycles. This act is consistent with the Town’s stated goal of exploring future revenue measures to maintain the community’s top priorities. The need for additional revenue to provide basic services and address asset replacement and maintenance and repair of critical infrastructure in our community is nothing new. In 2009 a comprehensive study was undertaken by a stellar group of Moraga citizens. It basically concluded the same thing: Moraga doesn’t have a spending problem, it has a revenue problem. Visit 2009 Revenue Enhancement Committee report to see the report.

Since the Declaration of Fiscal Emergency, various media outlets have created their own stories and misrepresented the Town’s intent and position, with some stories stating the Town is “on the brink of bankruptcy.” This is not true. The FY 2017/18 budget that was unanimously approved by the Town Council is balanced, with a small surplus. The Town will continue to meet its current financial obligations, but the time is now to address future community needs and the probability of additional infrastructure failures similar to those that have impacted each and every one of us. Click on FAQ's for answers to some common questions.
In addition to reporting by some media outlets, local social media sites are conveying misinformation and claims that need to be addressed, which I intend to do. In the coming weeks, a number of public engagement opportunities will be scheduled, including a community meeting, open to all, to discuss the fiscal emergency and the current Town budget, including recently approved employment agreements for Town employees, current and future Town needs, and the real consequences of continuing on the same path. I have dedicated almost 38 years of service to this Town and have recommended these actions to ensure the viability of Moraga today and for years to come. I hope we are able to provide the information necessary for all of us to establish common goals and come together as a community to proactively define the future of the Town.
Bob Priebe

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