Town Of Moraga

Town Manager Passes the Baton

Community leaders, elected officials, Town staff, family, friends and mentors gathered in the Council Chambers on Thursday, January 28, to bid farewell to Town Manager Jill Keimach. The event was hosted by Jill to thank everyone for their support and kindness throughout her five-year tenure with Moraga. Good food and drink was enjoyed by all as a celebration of the many accomplishments achieved under Jill’s leadership and as an opportunity to wish her success in her new position as Alameda’s City Manager. Jill created a scrolling message of thanks on the Chamber televisions for the many people in her professional and personal life and took the microphone to offer her thanks and to say farewell. She then presented a conductor’s baton to Bob Priebe as the new Interim Town Manager, stating he would need it to “orchestrate” the Town’s progress.

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