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Thefts in Moraga

The Moraga Police Department (MPD) has seen an unprecedented increase in property crimes in 2015. For years, MPD has urged the community to be aware of security issues and has used About Town, personal appearances at community meetings, social media forums and television news coverage to educate the public about crime prevention and the increased risk of property theft. To put in perspective just how dramatic the property theft increases are, please review data compiled for 2015 (year to date) as compared to the same period in 2014:





All Thefts




All Burglaries




Stolen Vehicles




Auto burglaries (thefts from locked vehicles) are up +325% in 2015, and in the past two weeks MPD has responded to 33 reports of entries into unlocked vehicles. Most other jurisdictions are experiencing similar spikes in property crimes. Please do not leave any property visible, keep garage doors closed, always lock your doors and windows, use alarm systems when available, and look out for one another. Call the MPD Dispatcher at 925-284-5010 to report any suspicious person or activity and remember that Moraga is only as secure as you make it.

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