Town Of Moraga

Thank you Moraga Voters for Your Support of Measure K!

On November 6, over 70% of Moraga voters overwhelmingly supported Measure K, a one cent Sales Tax measure focused on repairing our roads. Most impressively, the support increased dramatically from the March polling at 53.7% up to 70.07% on election day. It is also interesting that all of Moraga’s nine precincts passed Measure K, even those with a high percentage of privately maintained roads. This level of turnout reflects the support residents have for the community and their willingness to invest in the future of their roads. It also reflects the amazing energy and dedication of a small group of volunteers. Now we must set up new processes and accountability measures and, of course, begin repairing our neighborhood roads. Options for bonding the revenue stream will be considered by the Council in January. The Council will discuss how best to create the Measure K Oversight Committee in January and be completed by the end of March, 2013. More information will be available on the Town’s website soon.

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