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Thank you Moraga!

We wish Moraga residents, business owners and volunteers the happiest of holidays and hope you are able to share good times with friends and family. As we look forward to a productive, prosperous, and positive new year, here are staff’s top ten reasons to appreciate Moraga and 2012.

10. The bandshell food service area at Moraga Commons was completed with innumerable hours by Park Foundation volunteers, a local architect, local contractors, and Town staff.
9. The Hacienda de las Flores Pavilion restroom remodel, including ramps, was designed and approved in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
8. The Commons Park and Park Foundation, once again, hosted traditional summer concerts on Thursday evenings, plus the 4th of July and the Pear and Wine Festival.
7. Although the Town’s traditional holiday lights contractor was no longer in business and the new contractor got stuck in the mud for three days (literally), the holiday tree lights came on and are continually bringing cheer to drivers and pedestrians along Moraga Road.
6. Moraga residents, service groups and staff toiled together to assemble hundreds of seemingly unrelated pieces to create the “awesomest and tallest” play structure in Lamorinda at Rancho Laguna Park.
5. After three years of redesign, changing expert opinions, opposing interests and protected red-legged frogs, two crosswalks were completed on Moraga Road at Corliss and Woodford, increasing safety for Moraga pedestrians and keeping motorists moving.
4. After several reductions in project scope for the Town offices, the previously extensive remodel is now minimally adding a few more doors and removing walls to open up the offices so all staff, with the exception of Parks and Recreation, can move out of the Hacienda at minimal cost and disruption.
3. Slowdown Lamorinda, a program led by Moraga in partnership with the Orinda and Lafayette Police Departments, officially “reminded” 433 drivers that driving slower and being aware really does increase safety to everyone in our community.
2. Moraga’s New Rheem Theatre hosted not one, but two, California Independent Film Festivals with the November festival attracting 25% more attendees than previous festivals.
1. 85.52% of eligible Moraga voters decided to vote on November 6 – and 70.54% of those voters chose to support Measure K and invest in our Town roads!
Thank you Moraga!

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