Town Of Moraga

Stormwater Fee Update

The Town of Moraga has experienced catastrophic storm drain failures in the past several years in the form of sinkholes that have disrupted the drainage system and traffic patterns and have negatively impacted the Town’s financial situation. The Town’s Storm Drain Master Plan identified over $26 million of needed stormwater projects. In last fall’s Community Survey, 80% of respondents said that repairing deteriorating pipes and infrastructure to prevent failures and sinkholes was a high priority. Additionally, a majority of respondents said they would support some type of local stormwater funding. Based on this public input, a feasibility study was conducted on how to raise this funding. As a result, a Stormwater Fee (SWF), which is a property-related fee, was proposed. This fee requires a two-step process of a protest period, which began on January 26, and a mailed ballot. A Public Hearing is scheduled for March 14, 2018 to introduce the proposed SWF ordinance and receive any protests about it. Written protests must be received by the Town Clerk before or during the Public Hearing. If the Town Clerk receives less than a majority protest from registered parcel owners, then Town Council will decide whether to initiate the SWF mail ballot process. A simple majority of received ballots is required to approve the SWF. For more information, visit Storm Drain Funding.

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