Town Of Moraga

Stormwater Fee Initiative Update

Storm drain infrastructure needs were identified as a top priority by survey respondents last fall. As a result, the Council initiated proceedings and adopted ballot procedures for a stormwater fee initiative to:

• Repair deteriorating pipes and infrastructure to prevent system failure and sinkholes;

• Protect clean East Bay drinking water; and

• Protect the Town against future flooding.

A Notice of Public Hearing has been mailed to all property owners affected by the proposed fees which will be about $120 (or $10 per month) for the average home in Moraga, with rates varying for other property types. The hearing is scheduled for March 14, providing an opportunity for property owners to attend and be heard. In addition, all property owners will have the opportunity to submit written protests of the proposed fees prior to and during the hearing. If a majority protest does not occur at the hearing, the Town Council will decide whether to move forward with the mail-in ballot phase for property owners to vote on the fee. For more information, including the full schedule of proposed fees, visit Storm Drain Funding.

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