Town Of Moraga

Storm Preparedness and Sand Bags

Self-service sand bags are available at no charge at the Rancho Laguna Park parking lot (2101 Camino Pablo). Please take only what you need and fill bags one-third full for stacking. Moragans are encouraged to plan ahead for winter storms. Here are a few tips:

  • Inspect drainage inlets, gutters, ditches, pipes, and creeks on your property and remove any debris that may be blocking the flow of water.
  • Visit the FEMA Flood Mapping Center to look at flood maps of your area.
  • Learn about the Contra Costa County Flood Control’s 7-5-3-2 Flood forecasting tool to warn of potential flooding periods.
  • Plan for food, water, medical and personal comfort needs for each household resident and plan an evacuation route in case of fast-rising water. Visit for more information.

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