Town Of Moraga

Storm Preparedness

The Town of Moraga lies within the Moraga Creek Watershed, which includes three major creeks: Moraga Creek, Laguna Creek, and Rimer Creek. The creeks, drainage channels and storm drain systems are susceptible to flooding with the potential to cause property damage. Certain areas within the Town are designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as 100-year flood zones, which refers to a high risk area with a one percent chance of flooding in any given year. Although the Town cleans storm drainage systems within the public right-of-way, private property owners are responsible to maintain sections of creeks, channels and storm drain pipes on their property to prevent flooding. Residents located in flood-prone areas are also encouraged to have sandbags and plastic sheeting available to protect property during the rainy season. The Town provides self-serve sand and bags at the Rancho Laguna Park parking lot (2101 Camino Pablo). Please take only what you need and fill bags one-third full for recommended stacking. Visit FEMA’s website for flood zone information. Additionally, Contra Costa County provides Flood Forecast Information on their website.

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