Town Of Moraga

Storm Impact on Moraga

Public Works has been diligently responding around the clock to the storm-related damage throughout the Town. Crews have been and are continuing to remove landslide debris at 1) Moraga Road north of Rheem Boulevard; 2) Bollinger Canyon Road south of Joseph Drive; 3) Mulholland open space near the end of Lynwood Place; and 4) other lesser impacted areas. They have also been clearing blocked storm drain inlets so that localized roadway flooding can subside and have removed downed trees such as the one on St. Andrews Drive as depicted in the pictures. Please contact the Public Works Department at 925-888-7026 to report other storm-related issues unless it is an emergency, then call 911 or Police Dispatch at 925-284-5010.
Moraga Police responded to a number of storm-related incidents this past week, including: downed trees that closed roads and hit a house; an extended power outage at the Police Department; and hazardous road conditions with standing water on them, making driving conditions extremely unsafe. As always, but more so during stormy weather, drivers should reduce their speeds and drive defensively, watching for other drivers who may lose control on the wet pavement.

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