Town Of Moraga

Solicitor and Peddler Permit

The Moraga Police Department (MPD) reminds everyone that permits are required for anyone going door-to-door to peddle or solicit. Violators may be issued a citation per Moraga Municipal Code 9.10.030, requiring a base fine of $100 (plus county and state enhancements). To obtain a permit, one must submit to a background check, pay $32 for a Live Scan, and pay a $30 permit fee to the Town. The permit must be worn while peddling or soliciting and will have the person’s photo on the permit (sample form as shown). Any residence with a sign posting “No Peddlers or Solicitors” must be obeyed by permit holders. Permits are not required for anyone engaged in canvassing or an “expressive activity,” such as sharing opinions, views, or ideas. Political candidates and supporters do not require a permit. Anyone concerned about a solicitor or peddler should call MPD at 925-284-5010.

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