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The Town’s budget relies on $675,000 from sales tax... which is about 10.5% of the total budget. We expect to be on target for the year, but the Town is not capturing nearly its full potential of sales tax revenue. The good news is that sales tax growth is on the upswing. Our quarter-over-quarter sales tax total increased by 11.3% in Moraga, compared to 7.5% in the San Francisco Bay Area and 5.1% Statewide during the same period (April – June 2011). The bad news is that as people shop in stores located outside Moraga, there is sales tax “leakage” – sales tax dollars that are lost to Moraga and captured by neighboring communities. The Town’s sales tax leakage is significant. While the Town is capturing 96% of the potential sales tax in the category of drug stores, we are capturing less than 30%, on average, in all other categories including apparel stores, florists/nurseries, restaurants, food markets, and auto parts/repair. Remember to Shop Moraga First! It really does make a difference.

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