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Rheem Boulevard Landslide Repair and Repaving Schedule

Due to scheduling issues, contractor availability, and weather, the scheduled opening of Rheem Boulevard has been delayed once again, this time until January 20, 2017. The delays in opening the roadway relate to design changes, schedule and contractor availability issues. Two large delays that occurred were due to changing the landslide repair plan from an earthwork solution, where the entire roadway and underlying slides would have been excavated and put back in engineered compacted lifts. The new landslide repair method that was constructed consists of 106 three-foot diameter buried concrete piers, each 40 feet deep with a tieback anchor and all connected across the top with a large cast-in-place concrete beam. Another significant delay was due to a dormant landslide that partially failed during grading operations, causing significant additional work to be required.

This, along with usual construction delays, scheduling issues, and now weather has brought us to the revised opening date. The ground, as would be expected, is now quite wet, and the contractor’s efforts to keep the roadway area dry by covering the entire roadway with plastic sheeting was of limited success. The project requires a forecast for dry weather for at least five consecutive days in order for State and Federal environmental regulatory agencies to allow the developer to work on the project. Based on the current schedule it is expected to take about 15 working days to complete the roadway. The January 20 date allows for 15 days of delay. If the weather does not cooperate, the opening may be delayed further. The Town asks for your continued patience as these delays are unavoidable. For questions, please contact the Developer’s Construction Manager, Michael Keaney at or call (650) 255-4002.

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