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Rancho Laguna Park Plans

On September 14, the Town Council authorized an agreement with a landscape architecture firm to assist with preliminary design services for Rancho Laguna Park. Future conceptual design proposals will retain the rural setting so many residents currently enjoy. During a playground safety inspection earlier this year the 25+ year old play structures were determined to be unsafe due to the weakened condition of the rotted support posts. The par course (old metal exercise structures) were rusted with exposed sharp edges at a dangerous height for children. The upper Commons Park play structure, replaced in 2009, cost $55,000 and was designed only for ages 5-12. The Park and Recreation Commission set a goal to raise $100,000 to pay for the Rancho Laguna Park replacement play structure(s) that will accommodate ages 2-5 and 5-12. Typically this would be two different play structures with different challenges due to age and motor skill development. Additional community input is desired as the Town strives to reach a solution that maintains the rural setting and addresses the spatial separation requested by Town Council. Please attend any or all of the scheduled meetings on September 20 (Park and Recreation Commission), October 18 (Park and Recreation Commission) and October 26 (Town Council).

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