Town Of Moraga

Public Tax Dollars Prudently Managed

The Town of Moraga continues to live within its means. Unaudited figures for FY 2011/12 show estimated retained earnings of a little over $100,000. The Town’s day-to-day operating expenses amounted to a little over $6.0 million for the year for police services, public works and engineering, parks and recreation, planning, administration and legal services. Staffing levels remain very low. While the Town tries to pay competitive salaries to attract and retain competent and capable staff, the Town is not overly generous. Retirement benefits are provided through CalPERS at modest rates of 2% at 50 for safety and 2% at 55 for non-safety employees. This is the “new normal” that other Contra Costa County cities strive for. A more comprehensive report on the year-end budget-to-actuals is scheduled for the Town Council agenda of October 10.

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