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Planning and Land Use News

The Planning Commission and Town Council also considered other issues related to land use regulations in Moraga at Wednesday’s joint meeting. The Commission and Council endorsed a work plan for the Planning Department that includes annual reviews and incremental updates of the zoning ordinance. The Commission and Council also, by consensus, agreed that the Town of Moraga should submit an application to designate the Rheem Planning Area a Priority Development Area to help the Town become eligible for future grant funding. The Commission and Council also agreed that planning staff should work with the Lamorinda Winegrowers Association in 2012 to develop a process that allows for winegrowing and, potentially, to help locate a community winery facility. Other work program items include addressing the Town’s hillside policies and regulations, clarifying land uses that are permitted in commercial zoning districts.  All work plan items will be coming back to the Planning Commission and Town Council for consideration in the future.

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