Town Of Moraga

Pavement Management Plan for Remaining Years of Measure K

In 2013, the Town leveraged $600,000 of Measure K funds, the annual one cent sales tax, to yield upfront funds of approximately $7.72 million to spend on a three-year intensive pavement program. To date, over a third of all Town streets have been resurfaced, resulting in the Town’s Pavement Condition Index (PCI) increasing from 49 to 70, rating the average condition of the pavement network as “Good.” During the remaining 17 years of Measure K, estimated at $1.1 million annually, the Town will focus on four objectives.

First, utilize a single type of treatment each year to maximize bid quantities for better bid results. Second, to optimize the average pavement network PCI, annually budget 50% towards preventative maintenance treatments, 17% towards overlay treatments, and 33% towards reconstruction treatments. Third, seek grant opportunities and restricted roadway funds to budget more than $500,000 annually to supplement Measure K funds. Fourth, partner with other agencies on projects to reduce costs and increase paving quantities to reduce bid prices. More information can be found online at Pavement Management Plan.

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