Town Of Moraga

New Rental Rate at Fair Market Value for Moraga Country Club

Holes 9 through 18 of the Moraga Country Club’s (MCC) golf course are located on 60.68 acres of land leased to the MCC by the Town. The MCC provided the Town with full funding to purchase the land from the State of California in 1995 and has been paying the Town $4,200 annually in rent for the past 20 years. The initial 20 year lease expires in April, 2015. In accordance with the original Land Lease, the MCC exercised its right to extend the lease for an additional 25 years, requiring the Town to establish a new rental rate at fair market value. The Town and MCC followed the explicit procedures of the original Land Lease using qualified appraisers to determine the current fair market rental value of the property. As the result of this pre-determined process, the Town Council established the fair market annual rental rate of $63,250, effective April 3, 2015.

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