Town Of Moraga

New Objectives at Goal Setting Workshop

On January 14, the Town Council hosted a community goal setting workshop for the new year. Mayor Ken Chew established four overarching goals for the year: 1) Maintain Excellence in Stewardship; 2) Maximize Existing Resources for Enhanced Community Use; 3) Celebrate the Town’s 40th Anniversary; and 4) Enable the Town to Respond to Opportunities as they Arise. The 25-30 community members in attendance requested additional objectives under the Mayor’s goals, including financial support for the Chamber’s “Shop Moraga First” campaign; bringing ordinances to Council to address historic preservation and nuisance abatement; analyses of the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee, Police staffing needs, and overall costs for all Town parks. The Council also requested Planning Commission and Design Review Board input on whether to condense and streamline development into two processes or have applications go through the Town’s previous three-step process. To see all the goals and objectives visit the Town’s website.

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