Town Of Moraga

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a program of mutual assistance among neighbors aimed at reducing crime in the community at the grass roots level. It involves getting to know one's neighbors and introducing them to the concept that good neighbors working together can look out for one another's interests. Neighborhood Watch is designed to reduce burglaries and other neighborhood crimes by requesting your participation in the following manner: Know your neighbors and communicate with them; record car license numbers and descriptions of suspicious persons; have secure door and window locks, and use them; and never hesitate to call the Moraga Police Department, 925-284-5010 to report any suspicious persons or activities. Take the initiative and start a Neighborhood Watch program in your area. Call the MPD at (925) 888-7055, ext. 0, if you are interested in a home security audit or in hosting a Neighborhood Watch meeting. Burglars will generally avoid neighborhoods that are organized and actively participating in reporting suspicious activity.

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