Town Of Moraga

Moraga Storm Water Fee Measure

The Town’s recent Rheem Boulevard sinkhole experience has reaffirmed the need to maintain and improve the Town’s storm water infrastructure. The 2015 Storm Drain Master Plan (SDMP) indicated the cost to repair the Rheem Boulevard pipe would have been $1.7 million compared to the $3 million repair cost after failure. A new dedicated revenue source is necessary to repair the most critical storm drain pipes and establish an ongoing maintenance program as outlined in the SDMP. Town consultants have recommended a property fee assessment to raise $800,000 annually which will produce the necessary revenue. This is approximately $10 per month per homeowner. Homeowners’ Associations that have their own private storm drain systems that feed into the Town’s public system may be discounted so that all property owners pay their fair share to fund the system equally. All revenues generated will only be used for storm water infrastructure, maintenance and compliance with clean water requirements. At a public meeting on January 24, the Town Council will consider a Storm Water Fee Measure and whether to place a measure on a future ballot for all affected property owners.

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