Town Of Moraga

Moraga Road Utility Pole Removal Update - February 2019

In 2017, the Moraga Road Underground Utility Conversion project removed overhead electrical and communication systems from Corliss Drive to Devin Drive; however the poles remained in place to date. The Public Utility Commission requires the last utility agency that relocates their facilities off the pole must also remove the poles. AT&T is the utility agency in this case. Because of this regulation, there is little incentive for utility agencies to move quickly. Last year, Town put a hold on any AT&T encroachment permits to encourage them to remove the poles. AT&T has responded that they will be completing their responsibility by the end of March, weather dependent. For an update on their work, please feel free to contact Agustin Arteaga, AT&T Right of Way Manager at 408-476-4281 or or Nevada Cross, OSP Engineer at 510-206-9054 or

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