Town Of Moraga

Moraga Road Construction Update

The current Moraga Road Underground Utility Conversion Project (Corliss Drive to Devin Drive) is in the last stages for the construction of the new underground facilities. The Town’s construction staff and contractor will be working closely with PG&E to start the conversion from the existing overhead power source to the new underground system. This transfer is scheduled to be complete prior to the holidays, with the PG&E overhead wire removals scheduled for the end of January. After PG&E completes their part, both AT&T and Comcast will then need to perform similar work installing their new cable systems into the underground facilities. Removal of the overhead lines and wood poles along the west side of Moraga Road will then begin. The utility work is expected to continue into March with occasional lane closures on Moraga Road. The Moraga Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project is now complete. The new sidewalk has been installed from Draeger Drive to Devin Drive on the west side of Moraga Road. There are currently some temporary patches of pavement around the existing wood poles that will be repaired once the poles have been removed and the remaining sidewalk concrete work is completed.
The Moraga Road Resurfacing Project will be postponed until spring because current cold temperatures and wet weather will not allow the new paving materials to be installed.

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