Town Of Moraga

Moraga MCE Roll-Out

Beginning this month, MCE, California’s first Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program, a locally controlled energy service, will initiate its enrollment process within Moraga and begin providing electric service in April. Residents and businesses within Town will be automatically enrolled in MCE’s default service of 50% renewable energy, with options to opt up to MCE’s Deep Green, which is 100% renewable, or opt out (on MCE’s home page) and return to PG&E service. MCE customers will have the same reliable electricity service, with PG&E delivering power, maintaining the wires, and providing billing and gas services. PG&E will continue to send one monthly bill. Instead of one fee that combines charges for the delivery and generation of your electricity, the bill will show separate charges — one for electric delivery (provided by PG&E) and one for electric generation (provided by MCE). Remember, if you choose to retain your current energy provider, go to the MCE Clean Energy website and opt out. Questions? Go to MCE Clean Energy or call MCE at 888-632-3674.

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