Town Of Moraga

Moraga Center Specific Plan Implementation Project Update

At a Study Session on August 9 the Town Council received an update on the status of the Moraga Center Specific Plan Implementation Project (MCSP-IP) which is focused on developing implementing zoning regulations for the adopted 2010 MCSP. Staff provided a comprehensive presentation on the process to date, the draft zoning document that has been prepared, and options suggested by the project Steering Committee for some adjustments to the boundaries of some of the residential zoning districts. The Council also considered whether there should be further study of potential amendments to the 2010 Specific Plan itself. After discussion there was consensus to hold additional discussions on a series of focused policy questions related to aspects such as the overall densities and amount of new development allowed in the Specific Plan, land use district boundaries, and development standards such as height limits, setbacks, and building separations. Staff will return at a future Town Council meeting with a more refined scope of work for this effort for Council consideration. For more information, contact Ellen Clark, Planning Director, 925-888-7041.

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